Wonders what he did this time, to
      warrant the uncommon visit, as he limps
      towards the opposing man, annoyance
      clearly displayed on his face.

                                  ❝ Adam. Needing something? ❞

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10/10 still say eli (possibly liquid) is partly
created from kaz’s dna. sue me, it’s canon
in my kaz’s timeline.

liquxde: Well technically you are Uncle Kaz, you are privateers.

        We’re businessmen —— some of us, more than
        others (clearly the 'others' means your old man). 

liquxde: UNcle Kaz where is your peg leg?

Promptly goes into a tirade about how he isn’t a pirate, you little shit. B|

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homepage x inbox.
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angsty threads with heavendivided about kaz’s desire to just put a bullet through quiet’s head, despite her having saved big boss, because she somehow reminds him of paz. and he’s still incredibly bitter over what had happened with ZEKE and skullface, the sudden onslaught of his crippling ptsd from the torture is sending him off the deep-end with a thirst for revenge and bloodshed because he had to suffer, now they have to, too. and he’s raising his voice and he’s incredibly angry that big boss won’t agree with his method, despite it being for the greater good of diamond dogs, and big boss needing to talk him down from his rage-filled tirades about how much easier it wuold be to kill her before she spilled their location to anybody else.

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He’s raised on the edge of the devil’s backbone.

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But then I thought of Ocelot giving Quiet one of the louder wolfdog pups because the pup just wouldn’t cooperate with Ocelot so he’s pretty much like ‘fuck this’
And when he gave the pup to Quiet he was all ‘good luck with that’ and all Quiet had to do was look down at the pup jumping up on her legs and it instantly stops and sits beside here obediently and Ocelot is so done and you just hear Kaz pissing his pants with laughter in the background

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uh…i did an….impulse print for Anime Fusion…

i’m damn proud of this ink work but wow this is ridiculously shippy whoops i’m sorry mom i’m sorry kojima i’m sorry god

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post-sauna fight scene

9月  26   ( 910 )

tfw big boss is talking down an angry kaz. TFW WHEN HE’S BEING REFERRED TO AS MILLER INSTEAD OF KAZ. 


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Quiet and DD ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

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midnight. happy munday.


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