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midnight. happy munday.


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Do you ever randomly remember that Robin Atkin Downes is British

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"All we need is love!!!"

I like to imagine Kaz playing DDR sometimes and absentmindedly stepping in time with the Konami Code. For the lulz.

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If you don’t mind posting a starter we could begin today.

Certainly! I’ll have one up for you later on this evening! I’ve been awake all night and my motivation to do anything is at literally -110. So once I nap, I’ll be more entitled to a bout of creativity. (:

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forgive and forget?? haha no resent and remember

xnishimura: You are a roleplayer I look up to, and I recently worked up the guts to follow you on this account and ask if sometime we may thread.

Oh goodness, hello sweetie! This was super kind of you to say; it certainly livened up a dreary day and actually make me smile. ;u; I would absolutely love to thread with you, anytime you want! I’ll look forward to it, actually! (:

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this was supposed to be posted on virtuous mission day but something happened

so yeah i’m late

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'But if you send for me, you know I'll come
And if you call for me, you know I’ll run
I’ll run to you, I’ll run to you’ [x]

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匿名: "You, Monsieur Miller, are an insensible OAF!"

                     Whoa, whoa, whoa! What in God’s name had he
                     done this time? As far as the deputy commander
                     was concerned, he hadn’t intentionally said or done
                     anything to piss Cecile off, and she wasn’t one to
                     hold grudges for past conversations that hadn’t gone
                     as smoothly as Kazuhira Miller would prefer. So… what
                     was it? 

                 ❝ ———— Cecile…? ❞

                     He questions, her heels clicking against Motherbase’s
                     flooring, his expression fading from slight amusement
                     to panic, as he tries again.

                                  Wait a second, Cecile! I’m sorry! ❞

                     Rubber met linoleum as he began to chase after her, Kaz
                     tripping over himself in the process, but managing to stay
                     on his feet. This would take a lot of apologizing to get him
                     back on her good side.

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kaz n husky puppies

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"KAZ! What the hell just happened? What did that damn thing do to you?" Boss had his gun out and ready before he even realized what he was doing. He knew vampires were trouble, he knew it! If Kaz had listened, he wouldn’t be nursing a vampire bite right about now.

"Want me to get rid of that thing for you?"

                     ❝ Whoa whoa, hold a second, Boss, ❞

                                  Kaz sighs then, eying the pistol firmly held in John’s hands…
                                  he wants to shake his head, to roll his eyes because honestly?
                                  This vampire fear is entirely out of hand. Even for someone as
                                  overdramatic and gullible as Big Boss. Extending the hand
                                  that isn’t holding the little candy dispenser, the blonde places
                                  a hand upon the gun then, pushing it away from him and away
                                  from the tiny plastic vampire.

                     ❝ The plastic pinched me, relax, Snake. ❞

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Resisting the urge to take a step away when Kaz offered the candy to him, he looked at the little thing. It looked harmless enough. Almost innocent, even. He would allow it, just because it made Kaz happy. But the second he saw anything creepy happening, he would have to talk to Kaz about that.

He pulled the small strawberry candy out, popping it into his mouth, nodding. "Hey, that’s not bad.."


                                  With a small smile, the deputy commander nodded his head, as 
                                  if to silently encourage his best friend to go ahead and 'man up,' 
so-to-speak —— and was quite happy with the man’s reaction to
                                  the little candy. It was pretty good, admittedly, something Kaz
                                  had imported from Japan not too long ago. He was happy he
                                  seemed to enjoy it, however. Besides, it wasn’t as if the little
                                  vampire was gonna come to life in the middle of the night and
                                  try to bite one of them.

                     ❝ See? Nothing to be afraid of! ❞

                                  However, reaching for his own piece, in a rather melodramatic
                                  manner of action, his grip slipped against the plastic, and the
                                  head of the dispenser fell onto his index finger, and pinched the
                                  pale fleshy meat of the pad; causing the male to let out a little
                                  yelp. More so out of the surprise, than the pain.

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