The very first date Cecile actually agreed to go on with Kaz, was actually executed quite romantically. There had been previous plans set in motion and Kaz did everything he could to bring a piece of France, of her home, to make her happy and comfortable. Despite their previous bickering, every single day, they manage to hit it off immediately.

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I stopped being me

                        such a long time ago

                                             I don’t even remember

                                                                       Who that was.

"I don’t know what’s left of me, but you can fuck it if you want."

Angela Aberdeen. (via detrimental-soul)


John fell to his knees. Where could he go now? It was a desert. A desert with seemingly no end. He wasn’t going to stop. He would never stop. But..where would he go? It didn’t matter. He would search. He would keep walking. He would keep walking, keep going, and he wouldn’t stop until he had Kaz in his arms again. And even then, he wasn’t going to stop.

Until he brought him home.

Then Kaz could rest.

And when Kaz could rest, he could rest.

John pushed himself to his feet, and he continued to walk. Reaching for his water, he gave up halfway through. He didn’t have the time, and he just didn’t care enough to take a drink. The water he had, he was saving. It didn’t belong to him. "I’m coming Kaz." He whispered into the dry air swirling around him, desperately searching for anything. The slightest sign of civilization.

And then..

A village?

                  there was the sound of panic outside of the barred windows… but kaz didn’t bother opening his eyes. it was no use, they wouldn’t open that well anyway, not enough to really see anything. besides, he was too far on the ground to really see outside, anyway. it was certainly a loud panic though, one that almost made him laugh, given the situation. he was cuffed and bound to a concrete wall.

        mutilated. dismembered. broken. bleeding. he was a mess.

                  half dead and it wouldn’t take much to take him down entirely… maybe they ran out of their need for him as a hostage, he honestly wouldn’t be surprised. he didn’t feel like he was of much use to begin with, especially considering he refused to tell them anything. maybe somebody else did. or maybe they just figured it out themselves. regardless of all of that, today would be the day he died. but maybe that was for the best… no more pain. no more physical or emotional pain.

                  he would be able to see his parents again. see his mother’s smiling face. meet his father in a situation that didn’t make him feel guilty. because as far as kaz knew, big boss was still in a coma; of course, that was kaz’s fault, and it always would be. but maybe death would bring everyone a sense a relief, especially one to big boss, if he ever awoke. speaking of which, maybe now was the time he got in those last words. the infamous last words that would only mean anything to him, and to nobody else who heard them. he was loyal though. always loyal.

                  never once answered questions honestly. never once told these guys anything that would put anyone but himself in danger. that was the way to do it. bear the torture, if it meant not selling out those you cared for. hopefully the death would be quick. with a broken voice, he cleared his throat, cringed at the pain there, and cringed harder, letting out a quiet gasp at the pain from cringing. god, this was hell. his voice wasn’t much better. dry and almost entirely lost.

                                    " sorry, boss… i promise i tried. "

                  maybe that alone, was all he needed to say before he went.

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                             he would claw. ever so dangerously claw at dirt ground. fingernails long since worn and dull, bleeding and too short to scratch, to make marks that are anything other than the infected blood trails that are left behind. how long had it been? who really knew. time meant nothing in that room… time no longer existed in reality because this wasn’t a reality anymore. it was his own personal hell, succumbed by a black darkness that never saw the light of day. that was only protruded on occasion, by the sound of outside voices that opened the door to make sure he was still breathing —— however, it had been a struggle to open his swollen eyes now, so he just didn’t. faces couldn’t been seen through the pitch black anyhow. details unable to be made out other than the faint outlined trace of a silhouette of an unfamiliar man. hopelessness. utter hopelessness. there was no getting out of this. no escaping the pain. he would die before a rescue team came, die from the blood loss, die from infection, die from sadness, maybe. regardless, he knew nobody was out there. he was utterly alone.

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